Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Baby Update

Little Caterpillar is growing up so fast. She now like to spin around in the crib, and quietly practicing crawling and trying to pull herself up. What a darling little girl!

Went to Winchester En Ca Fair on Sat with little Caterpillar. This is the first street fair for all of us, and we didn't even plan it. I just happened to see the big wheel thing from the train on Friday, and thought it could be fun. Oh, what fun it was! There were so many different rides,and games, we walked around for a long time. But little caterpillar is too little to get on any ride, I mean, she cannot even stand by herself yet. Stubborn actually put her in front of one of those rulers next to the gates, see whether she can pass that one (30"). The other mother was laughing, "it's a little bit too early, isn't it?" Little Caterpillar was confused, too many people, too many big moving things, too much noise, rides moving, people screaming. Too much of everything. She was curious and looked around for quite a while, then she just simply gave up. 'I cannot play with any of these, I will just take a nap'. I didn't win her anything either, so these photos will be her only reminders for her first Carnival/Street Fair. Then we stopped at the playground near our house, and she got to play in the baby swing for the first time! Not too bad! She was a little bit affraid at first, but 5 minutes later, you cannot even take her out of there. That's my girl, fun loving sweetheart.

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franswazz said...

I love the name " little caterpillar", so cute!