Friday, May 7, 2010

Finally, Friday!

Feeling so tired lately! My deck refinishing project is still not done yet. The weather is just not cooperating. It has been raining almost every other day! The deck boards need at least one day to be dry enough for staining, and after that at least 24hr to dry completely. Last weekend I put one coat on the front porch, and small side deck's railing, and two coats on most of the big deck. The reason I couldn't do the whole deck at once is that stupid big BBQ! Stubborn insisted on buying it when we first bought the house, and assured me that we will use it all summer long, and he will BBQ lots of great food for me and our guests. BUT, so far, he probably used it about 10 times, in FIVE years! What a waste of money and space! And it's too heavy for me to drag it down to the lawn, so I have to push it around, which slowed down the whole process. Anyway, now the big deck is 75% done, and I have been waiting for a perfect weekend to finally finish it. But it's going to rain again!!! Uhhhhhh! I want to pull my hair off. There are so many WIPs in and around the house, they just cluttered up my brain! And since spring is finally here, I have to do some yard work. Need to paint that fabulous metal shelf so I can finally move my orchids and other plants outside. Bought the primer and paint already, again the rain! And I have to build a gate for the deck, so little caterpillar won't fall off it once she start crawling on the deck. Oh, too much projects, brain overload!

Ok, I have to accept the fact I cannot work outside this weekend. There are still tons of things to do inside. I still need to get all the summer clothes down from the attic, and pack all newly washed winter clothes up and haul them up to the attic. It's such a big project every time, I feel tired even just thinking about it. Next house, we definitely need a bigger closet, so I don't have to put off season stuffs elsewhere. And I have to finish organizing the basement. It's such a mess ever since the flooding. I bleached the concrete floor already, but lots of boxes are still on tables, and I need to sort through them and get rid of as much as possible. I don't want to be a packrat any more. Again, the clutters are suffocating me! Oh, I have to switch to all summer drapes, finish some stuffs I was making for my girl. And we lost one of caterpillar's birdie (her favorite chewing toy), I have to make some more.

And on top of that, I got a whole sale order yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited about getting some business, considering the fact I haven't work on my shop for quite a while. But since I was selling these monkey fist knot keychains really cheap, $6, the wholesale price (50% of retail price) is just hurting, it won't even cover my labor. Stubborn told me not to do it, but I already agreed, and I was thinking I could make them while riding the train and shuttle. I still waiting to hear from the customer, and once she decides on the colors, I will have to work really hard to meet her deadline. Actually I already started. Since red is the most common and traditional color for Chinese Knotting, I went ahead made some red ones last night. And I made some other color ones on the train this morning. Just hoping those will be on the customer's order sheet.

I feel exhausted even just talking about these. Hope caterpillar give me more time to sleep tonight.

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