Thursday, May 13, 2010

More To Learn About Men's Shirt

I got up earlier this morning, and started ironing some of Stubborn's shirts. We buy wrinkle free ones a lot, since I don't like to iron them often, and he simply just can't learn it himself. But I was tired one night, didn't take the laundry out of the dryer until the next morning. You know what happened, everything got sooooo wrinkled, it was very sad looking. I remember reading about a trick somewhere saying you can put in a damp towel and run the dryer for 10 more minutes, the wrinkles will be gone. So I tried. Worked for most of the clothes, but these shirts are still not presentable. So, I have to iron them this time.

Anyway, while I was hanging them up in the closet, we both suddenly realized that 90% of shirts are in the blue family! How boring! Stubborn blamed me for not buying some colorful ones, but how can I? He likes blue and he is just so stubborn! I had to talk to him for a long time to get the only pink striped shirt and a gray/greenish one. Since he realized the boring color issue, I went online searching for fun colors out there. And look what I found, almost like a "Men's Shirt For Dummy" article. Perfect! Will forward it to Stubborn, so he can learn something, and won't challenge me too much next time we go out shopping.

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