Friday, May 14, 2010

To Do List

Reading today's post on one of my favorite blog Chezlarsson, I felt so motivated by her energy and spirit. So, I hope if I also share my to-do list online, I will have to finish them. Well, I will try to remember to post my progress once a while to make sure I am stay on track. Oh, I also put some already finished projects and some WIPs in the list, since this is a list for this whole year, and having some DONE projects just makes me feel less pressured. Ok, here it goes.

1. Switch summer and winter clothes, means move all summer clothes down from the attic and wash and move all winter ones up to the attic. (Almost done, still waiting for this crazy New England weather to settle down, so I can finally move the sweaters up as well)
2. Organize the attic. (Almost done)
3. Organize closets in each room (The ones in master bedroom and baby's nursery are done. Living room one is half way through. The one in the first floor half bathroom was done two years ago, needs some work again)
4. Rearrange the living room to set up bigger play space for little Caterpillar. (Half of the sectional sofa already moved to the basement, playpen set up, floor mats down, maybe need more, and toys all over the place. Still need to move the huge Norfolk Pine tree outdoor, so I can set up that corner for the rocking horse I thrifted.)
5. Clean up the basement, bleach the floor (done finally), sort the boxes (half way through), rearrange my work station and craft area (huge mess right now).
6. Drop off all donations at Salvation Army. (Tomorrow)
7. Change filters for the undersink water filter system, and deep cleaning the faucet. (DONE!)
8. Hang all the arts and photo frames around the house. Finish some art frames I planned. Switch off the Chinese paints with framed art, with glass. Easier to clean if baby throw food on it.
9. Finish organizing the home office, especially my closet crafts area.
10. Finish the slipcover for the sectional sofa. (Half way through, all fabric washed, need to be ironed first)
11. Make the toys which patterns or instructions already downloaded.
12. Paint the second floor hallway. The staircase is too high and too dangerous, have to figure out a safer way to paint that.
13. Work on the thrifted items, and move them out of the basement.
14. Baby proof the house!!!
15. Refinish the front porch, side deck and big deck out back. (Power washed, sanded, and 80% stained, and need a second coat. Just wish this rain every other day pattern can stop soon, so I can finish it. )
16. Build a gate for the deck, and stain it the same color as the railings.
17. Repair the raised bed garden around the deck. (one side is almost done, need to buy more boards for the other side)
18. Spray paint the metal shelves and move all the indoor plants outside. (the big black one needs one more coat, the others not even started yet)
19. Spray paint the outdoor furniture again. (power washed already)
20. Repair the crack on the driveway.
21. Somehow kill the ants around the foundation of the house and driveway, or at least drive them away. They are coming in.
22. Thrift a couple of nice chairs for the master bedroom, a toy chest for nursery, and a kid table chair set for the living room.
23. Repair the little shed I built. After 5 years, need some new plywood and a fresh coat of paint.
24. Repair the lawn, too many weeds, and some bold spots.
25. Trim one of the oak tree, the branches are too low again.
26. Buy some annuals for the garden, to fill the space I used to grow vegetable. This year I don't have the time for that.

These are just the things I can think of right now. I am pretty sure as the time goes by, I will add more to it, and finally cross some off as well. Oh, besides all of these, I have to find time to play with little Caterpillar. That is my reward at the end of the day!

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