Monday, May 24, 2010

To Do List Update

Finally I can cross the "refinish the decks and porch" off my to-do list. They look great. Don't you think?
My flowers looks even prettier next to it! BTW, my peony "gardenia" is about to open, for the first time ever! So exciting! Cannot wait.

And finally finished painting the metal plant shelves and cart. Don't they look much better? Here is the before and WIP, and here is the finished shelf in action.
Don't you think it's much better than putting a big black shelf there? I think my plants look happier on it too. Maybe because of the baby, I want everything to be colorful and happy now. OK, how about this metal cart?
Sorry I don't have a good before picture. It was another great curb find a couple of years ago. It looked ok in that picture, but was too rusty and ugly after staying outside for several summers. I cleaned, primed, and spray painted it "Bumble Bee" yellow. Like it much better now. And here is a picture of before_wip_after. Can you tell the difference?

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