Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden Update

My peony "gardenia" finally started to open yesterday. I am so excited, will take a picture a day, then show you the entire process. It looks pink now, but it supposed to be white. We will see.

And the iris I got from AK last summer survived and thrived. Look at these gorgeous flowers, and click to see the details.

Spring is here and summer is approaching, there are lots of different bugs showing up in my garden. Found this amazing butterfly on my shed door. One of its wings looked damaged or deformed, so the poor thing couldn't fly too far or too high. After taking this picture, I carefully moved it to my garden, near some flowers, so it can get something to eat. It disappeared the next morning, hopefully it was strong enough and flew away, instead of eaten by bird or cat.

And look what I found. It's a spider nursery on the leaves of my purple coneflower. So many tiny black and yellow spiders. One slight touch on the leaves, they scattered very fast. Then 30 seconds later, they regrouped to this tight mass. Very interesting. Should do some research to find out what kind of spiders these are.

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