Friday, May 21, 2010

What Are The Chances Of

your cellphone vibrated itself into a mug, or as I said "attempted suicide"? That's what happened to me this morning. I just went to brush my teeth, left my 2 weeks new cellphone on top of the radio on the nightstand. Then Stubborn came in and asked me "Did you put your cellphone in your cup?" I was like "What are you talking about, crazy man!" That's when I saw it. Stubborn was holding it with two fingers, water dripping out of it, and it was still vibrating, continously, which is abnormal. The screen all gray, the poor thing probably filled with water. At first I blamed little Caterpillar. We caught her reaching out from her crib and crabbed some CDs from the top of radio/DVD player before. And she always fascinated by our electronic devices, phone, cellphones, remote controls, etc. So I thought she was reaching for my cellphone, but couldn't hold on to it and dropped it in my cup next to the radio. But I put it far away from her, her arms are not long enough to reach it, and the CDs closer to her were untouched. Then I realized it must be the alarm went off while I was in the bathroom. I was brushing my teeth, so I didn't hear the vibration. And somehow, it vibrated itself into my mug! What are the chances of that! All the directions it could go, it went towards my mug, and fell right into it. And I normally finished the water inside during the night, but today, there just happened to have half cup of water. Bad luck or good luck? I probably should go buy lottery today. So, now my poor cellphone is laying on the desk and under the tablelamp. There is no windows in my office, so no sunshine. The closest I could think of is that tablelamp. Hopefully it will be warm enough to dry it up. I could still take a phone call, it's just none of the buttons works now, and if I try to adjust something from the menu, everything goes crazy and blinks and turns the 'page' uncontrollably. Crossing my fingers now that it won't die on me. I just got it recently! And I like it. Is there waterproof cellphone out there?

Update: AK just sent me a link to an article about how to save wet cellphone. Maybe mine will be ok.

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