Monday, May 17, 2010

One Big Item Crossed Off The List,

well, almost. The weather was great last weekend, and no rain until Wed, so I got to finish staining the decks and porch. All the deck floors, stairs, railings are done, just need to paint the raisers later. I have to put something on the stairs to catch any drops, so have to wait for them to dry first. And now, I think I have to do a third coat on the porch. I didn't think anyone will come and visit us, so I didn't tape off the area. Well, the twins (2.5-yr-old) came over and ran on my porch barefooted! When I heard the noise, it was already too late. I opened the front door, and told them not to do it again, and I had to go tell their mother their feet are covered with stain. And my poor porch floor has tiny foot prints all over! They are cute, but I just want my floor to be clean! So, guess I have to do a third coat. I have lots of stain left over, it won't be a big problem, just one more hour working. So, until I am satisfied with all of them, I have to keep them on the list for a while longer.

And updates on the metal shelves. I primed that big black heavy duty metal shelving unit, and spray painted it mediterranean blue. But one can was not enough to cover everything. So now, it's still sitting on my driveway, and I need to go pick up another can of that, and more primer for the metal cart and plant shelf I just cleaned and sanded. They actually looks much better already with most of the rust gone. Thinking about painting them apple green or bright yellow.

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