Monday, May 10, 2010

What A Mother's Day!

What did you guys got for Mother's Day? I thought I will get something nice or practical (typical me), or go out shopping and eating at my favorite place. BUT, having so many WIPs in the house and rainy and windy weather outside changed everything. Couldn't do any painting outside, so I basically didn't even step out. Accomplished a lot inside though.

First, I enjoyed some sweet play time with little Caterpillar in the morning, kind of gathering up courage and building up strength for the rest of the weekend. Then Stubborn started bugging me about changing the water filters again Sat. afternoon. I know, sometimes I like to postpone some projects just because I don't feel like doing. Yeah, I am the handy one in the house, so Stubborn has to either push me to do it, or do it himself and mess it up. But I was so glad he pushed me this time. There are two filters for this under sink filter system. Didn't take a picture of mine, but it's exactly like this. The first one (actually is the second filter water flow through) we opened, was quite clean. BUT, we were horrified when we opened the other one. The water inside was MUDDY! I couldn't believe my eyes! And we use filtered water for Caterpillar's formula! Then think about it this way, that filter did its job, stopped all those 'gunk' from getting in our drinking water. Well, no need to argue any more, it's time to change them. Then Stubborn reminded me the faucet is kind of greenish. So, we dicide to take the whole system apart, deep cleaning and reinstall it. Man, it's harder than I remembered. I installed that system long long time (5+ years) ago. Then came the time to clean that skinny little faucet. How am I supposed to clean the inside of that tiny tube thing? Just while I was in the basement searching the protential cleaning tool, a little light bulb lit up in my head. Since we couldn't push the Q-tips through the curve, why don't I use wire instead? I put some cutton at the tip of the wire, and made a loop so the cotton ball won't fall off. It worked like a charm. Man, I was so glad Stubborn suggested it. IT WAS FILTHY! The cotton ball came out GREEN! I didn't realize there were so much algae growing in there, and we were drinking it! Eww! Anyway, after some deep cleaning, it's time to put everything back together. My wrists are painful ever since I had little Caterpillar, and the fact Stubborn has longer arms, he was doing most of the job. We connected and disconnected everything twice, still could not stop the leaking. So, we shut off the water, and called it a night at 11:30pm. Sunday morning, I sweared I will fix it, so this time, I put on more Teflon tape, and squeezed into the cabinet. It was too narrow for Stubborn to get in and he won't know what he was looking at. I was lazy to look for some cushion to put on the floor, and the cabinet is about 6" off the floor, so I was really glad I did some yoga before (the bridge pose). FINALLY, this time it's fixed! Stubborn actually said the water taste SOOOOO sweet! He sometimes still acts like a little boy! I am really glad he is stubborn enough to push me this time, otherwise we would still be drinking algae water. Eww! Eww!

Then the rest of the weekend I bleached the rest of the basement. Yeah, I didn't finish it right after the flooding. I was exhausted. I went through lots of boxes, got rid off lots of junks. Then I went up the attic, threw down all the summer clothes, and dragged up all the winter ones and another box of Caterpillar's clothes that are too small, but I want to save for (maybe) her future baby brother or sister. I reorganized the stuffs on the attic. last season I asked Stubborn to put the clothes in any empty luggages he could find, since I was pregnant and on bed rest. So, now I have no idea where things are, and I don't like it at all. Yeah, I like to have everything totally under my control around the house. Oh, little Caterpillar was so cooperative, she took a long nap while I was doing all this. She didn't even wake up by all the noise I was making. Well, I finally came down, I was so disgusted looking at the huge pile of clothes on the floor! Why do I keep all these clothes while I only wear maybe 1/3 of it? And every year I have to move them around twice? Did I tell you I am so into decluttering recently? So, after close inspection, I separated them into 3 piles, keep pile (hang or neatly folded, putting in our closet), 'too small but I might squeeze back in them after losing the last 10lbs of baby weight' pile(folded and put in a bin, hide under the shelves), and donate pile(throw into a laundry basket). Did I mention I was doing several loads of laundry all this time. So, after decluttering throughout the house, I ended up with 5 huge bags of stuffs for Salvation Army. There are still some organizing to do, but I felt so relieved! Maybe a couple of more weekend, I can finally sit down, and enjoy the clutter free, WIP free house with little Caterpillar! Maybe.

So, for me, this Mother's Day was lots of hard work, I was exhausted at the end of the day. BUT, I gave myself the best gift possible, a cleared mind. With some WIPs crossed off the list, I am actually ready for more. Bring it on!

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