Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finally,Clean House!

I finally finished the DEEP DEEP spring cleaning! I mean I not only cleaned the living spaces, I decluttered most of the rooms, I also reorganized everything, including all closets, attic and basement. I finished painting the kitchen/dining room. Yes, after talking about for 2 years and staring at the paint cards on the wall for a whole year, I finally chose the color and painted it. Now the only unpainted room is the master bedroom, oh, and the second floor hallway. I can do it! I can finished all that in 2 days. The only place I cannot paint alone is the stairway. It's too high, and too dangerous for me to climb up there by myself. I need my strong DH to hold the ladder for me, and maybe collecting some paint drops on his head. HaHa! I am in such good mood, DH is coming back this weekend. I can show off my handy work to him soon. How exciting! There are such sayings in Chinese that matching my feelings right now. "Distance will generate new sparks in the relationship" or "Reunion after short term separation is better than honeymoon". I really miss him, I even smell his pillow sometimes. Silly, huh?

I didn't have time to take too many pictures on Monday, so, instead of a grant tour of my house, I will do a series on this, showing you one room a day. Here is my living room. I painted it about 6 months ago. It faces north, and kind of dark because of the porch and oak tree outside. So, I chose the very bright yellow to bring the sunshine in. I think it worked, it looks much brighter than before. I still have most of the winter stuffs on. The slipcover for the ottaman is the summer version. I will make a white slipcover for the sectional sofa, make some blue and green covers for the pillow, and change the curtain as well. Oh, I am also going to change the painting on the wall to some bright color modern arts, and bring out the summer area rug. Still lots of work need to be done here. And DH is researching for a great LCD TV, so we will get new TV stand and shelving unit for that corner. The door in the first picture is our front door, I installed the storm door for it right after we moved in. It has screen for summer and double pane glass for winter, and works great for us. The doorway in the second picture leads to the dining room. BTW, all the curtains were made by me, with the chinese curtain fabric my mom brought me two years ago. I only did it for the living room and dining room, still have to make more for the bedrooms.

That's all for today's living room tour. I will show you the newly painted kitchen/dining room tomorrow.

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