Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bean Town Play Zone

We normally take little caterpillar to the play area at Burlington Mall Food Court, but last time our friends suggested Bean Town at Natick Mall. Oh, what a nice place that is! Little caterpillar jumped right in, tried all the equipment, since almost everything is new to her.

But the one she loved most are those giant 'rubber' duckies, a mommy and 3 babies.

She also loved those car/bus shopping carts. We let them sitting in it and took lots of pictures, while other people staring at us, wondering what was our problem playing with these at the renting spot, instead of pushing kids around in them. Well, since we were there for playdate, not shopping, I am not paying $5 (maybe $4, I don't remember) to let her ride for just 100 yards. 5 minutes sitting in it is enough. She prefers walking around and playing chasing game with mommy, or getting a ride on daddy's shoulders anyway.

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