Friday, March 4, 2011


to declutter, that is. This next picture is not my house, oh, I can only wish. It belongs to Benita from Chez Larsson. Look how clean and organized it is! Well, there is no surprise there, I have been following her blog for a while now, and her house always looks like this. But this is the first time I see pictures of all different angles of her house in one post. Well, you see, Benita is selling it! She did such a great job with the house, and looks like her realtor is pretty good at his/her job too. I am sure this house is going to be sold really fast. Good luck, Benita.

The reason for this post is not just showing you Benita's amazingly clean house and her style. After checking out all her pictures, I felt so ashamed that my house is so messy. Also, I still remember my best friend Jackie had to sell a lot of stuffs and threw the rest away, for moving. Or, it's almost spring cleaning time. Anyway, it got me thinking and planning. I have to go through our stuffs again, and get rid of all the unused and unwanted stuffs, clothes or furniture, and finish all those WIPs all over the basement. If I can pare down our belongings, not only my house will be less crowded, it also will be safer for little caterpillar. And the future moving plan will be much simpler too. Stubborn absolutely loved my plan. He is a very simple guy, anything not essential should be gone. No decoration or coziness for him. Well, I am not that simple. I still need some of my decorations, and all my crafting and sewing supplies. I just need to really organize them. In fact, I think about 90% of stuffs in the house are mine, and Stubborn calls lots of them junks. Me offering to clean things up must be like music to his ears. Hopefully this will be a begin of something wonderful in our household. I will show you the progress once a while.

So, any of you also got inspired by Benita's home? Want to join the early spring cleaning?

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