Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Short Jacket Got New Life

Lots of little caterpillar's clothes were hand-me-downs from my sister and friends. But some of them, even the new ones (baby shower gifts), are very short and wide. It was way to loose last year, now they are perfect on the shoulder and chest area, but surprisingly short, maybe 2" shorter. Little caterpillar's big belly always hanging out! That's just weird. Does that mean all babies in China are short and chubby? Or, maybe because my girl is way too tall. Anyway, I had to do something to make them wearable again. I got my inspirations from some of the blogs I read regularly, like Ruffles And Stuff. Why not add some colorful ruffles? That will make her clothes more girly, and most importantly, bigger. Here is my first attempt. Both little caterpillar and Stubborn love the result. If only I can get little caterpillar to stop running around and modelling this for mommy. Stay tuned, there are two more, coming up soon.

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