Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Portable Fabric Highchair

I finally made mine last night (95% done). It took a little bit longer than I expected, because of all those ties. Turning them right side out is very time-consuming. Thank goodness I made them quite wide (about 2"), otherwise I probably will just give up and sew them on wrong side out. Remember this post? I followed this tutorial, but modified it a little bit to make it little caterpillar-proof. She is too strong and very determined, so I worried the bias tape ties won't last. Also, she tried to stand up in her real highchair before, so I had to add two more ties to tie her down to the seat, not just the back of the chair. See, not bad at all. Actually I planned to make it later, so we will have it for our China trip this year. But last Sat, there was too many people at the foodcourt at Burlington Mall, we couldn't find a highchair for her. She ended up sitting on a regular chair like a big kid. She could have sit in her stroller, but she made huge mess in there before, we don't want to repeat that. Anyway. We had to constantly hold onto her, since she moved around too much. She almost fell off the chair a couple of times. It's at that moment, I remembered this from my to-do list! Darnit! I wish I have made it beforehand and test it out and perfect it before I leave all my nice fabric behind. Well, it's not like I cannot get cute fabric in China, and my mom has two sewing machines, but who wants to slave over a sewing machine while on vacation? So, I made this one immediately, and will test it during our upcoming short trip to FL. Oh the best part, it folds up so small, will fit in any of my bags easily. I will make a little matching drawstring bag for it, so the ties won't all tangled up in my bag. There are also two more ties needed on the top. I will show you better pictures of the finished product later.

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