Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Preparing For First Plane Trip With Toddler

We are taking little caterpillar to Orlando soon. So, naturally, I am a little freaked out. I started doing lots of research online, for both professional and other moms' suggestions and experiences. Got lots of great ideas. Frankly, some of them made me panicked even more, but some are simply amazing and encouraging.

(Source: Pillow Sew Cute's Etsy shop)
Like this post from Modern Parents Messy Kids, offered lots of tips and lessons. I will definitely pack one of my own "ouch pouch" with all the first aid stuffs I can think of. It's good little caterpillar's next apointment is coming up, I can ask her doctor for correct dosage for those medicine, maybe some tips even.

(Source: Sew Liberated)
I also read this post about 'bag of tricks for airplane travel' on Sew Liberated. We thought about buying a nice backpack for little caterpillar to keep her favorites closeby. Stubborn wanted to buy those princess ones, which I totally don't like. I am not anti-princess, I want to treat my girl as a princess, but I don't want to expose her to all these concepts too early and get hooked on these very commercial stuffs. No, I want something more stylish, and she probably can use for many years without being embarrassed. This post gave me the courage to design and make one myself. She used the Made By Rae's toddler backpack pattern, and there are lots of amazing versions other people made in her flickr group. It looks pretty simple, I might be able to make it without the pattern. And I can make it a little bit smaller too. Oh, got side tracked. I also loved all the goodies she put in that backpack for her son. Well, little caterpillar is a little girl, so I might switch some items out. I will show you the pictures if I can actually make one before the trip, not much time left.

Oh, there are also lots of tips here at Good Little Traveler. Look like I have lots of reading to do tonight.

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