Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Portable Highchair

Stubborn just reminded me that we are going on a 3 day mini vacation soon. I totally forgot about that. He has a conference coming up, and he mentioned it to me months ago. All of a sudden, I got so excited, my mind couldn't stop spinning, thinking about what to pack, and what places I could take little caterpillar to. This is not her first vacation, but her first flight. So, I am doing lots of research about toddler travel safety, entertainments, food, and anything else I can think of. Then I thought about eating in hotel room or in restaurants. Last vacation was kind of local, so we packed everything, including her little portable plastic highchair seat. But this time, we are flying, cannot really pack that one in the luggage. So, I went on research for alternative. Then I found these amazing fabric ones, just tie them to regular dining chair. Oh, right up my alley.

Jill from Home Made By Jill posted this amazing idea. It's so simple, and stylish.

Then I thought, what if that dining chair has solid back, how am I suppose to make that work? And little caterpillar already figured out how to open those velcro tape closures. Then I found this one at Ragamuffin Designs and this tutorial. They are basically the same idea. The best part is it fits any kind of dining chair! And since it ties at the back of the chair, little caterpillar simply cannot undo it and get out. Looove!

I cannot wait to make one or two with some of the babyish fabric from my stash. Who knows when little caterpillar will make a huge mess and I have to wash it. This will be perfect for our next big trip back to China. My parents don't have highchair, and I don't remember seeing highchairs in restaurants either. But I haven't been to many of them in the past 10 years, maybe they changed. There will be some minor updates to make it more little caterpillar proof. =) She is way to active, can get out of almost all the restaurant highchairs. Will show you my version soon.

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