Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What To Pack For Toddler?

Wish I found this "Ride On Carry On" attachment earlier. Well, just have to buy it for our next trip.

Anyway. Getting closer to our trips, I am, as usual, very eager to start packing. It's pretty easy to pack for Stubborn and I, since we have travelled many places many times. But this is our first trip far away from home with little caterpillar, there so many stuffs I want to pack, but airlines only allow that much! Last year, we drove to our resort, so we packed our car floor to ceiling, with almost all her stuffs, playpen, bathtub, portable highchair, etc. But now she is much bigger, her needs has changed. So after some intensive googling (is that even a word?), here is the list I came up with. Please leave a comment if you see something important is missing.

- diapers, wipes, more than we need for the flight, in case our luggages got delayed or lost. If more is needed, they can be purchased locally
- changing pad
- diaper rash cream, and powder
- waterproof sheet or blanket, so I don't need to applogize to the flight attendant or hotel manager. Little caterpillar is still wearing diaper, and she never wet her bed before. Just in case she spills her milk or water on chair or in bed
- umbrella stroller
- clothes. Several sets, each in their own individual ziplock bags, so I can use those bags for dirty clothes later. A couple of sets in carry-on, just in case she makes a mess on the flight. Another tip I got, roll the clothes, so they take up less space.
- comfortable shoes. But wear the heaviest pair on the plane, again the weight limit thing.
- tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, lotion, all in waterproof bag
- some washcloth
- bathtowel, I don't trust hotel towels on my baby's soft skin, no offense
- bottles, nipples, caps, sippy cups
- bibs
- some books and quiet toys
- first aid kit
- emergency contact information on the inside of her clothes

Oh, for our future trip to China, I also need a signed and notarized letter from Stubborn, authorizing me to cross international border with little caterpillar. Apparently one parent travelling with children raises red flag, because there have been cases of divorced parent kidnaps own children and take them overseas. Since I will be travelling along with my girl, and we have different last name, I better prepare all the documentations they might ask for. Maybe I also need to make a copy of her birth certificate.

So, anything missing? Or I am worrying too much? Any tips on flying with a toddler alone on a super long flight? I am excited about the trips, but terrified at the mean time.

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