Thursday, March 31, 2011

Umbrella Stroller Accessory

Cannot stop thinking about our upcoming FL trip! I will be alone with little caterpillar most of the time, without the help of our big stroller! How am I supposed to carry all the stuffs and my heavy camera? Here are some accessories I found online, that might lighten my load a little bit. Actually move stuffs from my shoulder to the umbrella stroller, so I can have both hands free to take care of my girl and take pictures.

Stroller bag! This one was made by Brandy from Gluesticks. I love it's so simple, yet so practical. I probably will make another longer strap, so when I take it off the stroller, I can wear it as a shoulderbag. This can be fold so small, won't take up too much space or weight in our luggage! Hmm, now, what color should I choose? What is the no-time-to-sew version for this? I wonder if I can hang my backpack on the handles, without tipping backward. Have to try this first tonight! Yeah, I am very impatient!

Cup holder? Actually this one is an organizer, for drinks and more. Hmm, I might be able to make a couple of drawing string bags for our bottles and sippy cup, so I can just hang them on the handles.

Sun shade? We all know that tiny shade on the umbrella stroller is no match for the sunny FL. This will be so helpful, if little caterpillar will allow me! She is way too curious to sit in there quietly. She probably will break it in 5 minutes! Still, it's not a bad idea, I can use it when she fell asleep in the stroller after running around for hours. And best part is it's made of some sort of mesh material, so I am confident the ventilation is pretty good, my baby won't be too hot in it.

Stroller bag/carrier? At first I thought it's just a bag for carrying stroller around, then I realized it's for checking-in or gate-check! Well, I don't need that! What I might need is something simple so I can carry the umbrella stroller on my shoulder, and have both hands free to carry my girl! Say, boarding a bus? I need something very small, and simpler than a drawstring bag! Oh I know! I can use the strap from my yoga mat! Genius! Need to remember to check whether it fits, and leave it next to the stroller, so I won't forget about it when running to the airport.

Oh, look what I found! The perfect solution for almost all my needs, except the sun shade thing of course. This is the Magic Stroller Bag from Europe! It even has the built-in stroller carrier! But for €37 up to €120!? It costs way more than our little stroller! I might have to sew up my own version, won't be as stylish, but will fit all my needs! Anyone have extra hours that I can borrow?

Oh, silly me. Walmart sells this Stroller Starter Kit, including weather shield, mesh bag, netting, and a dozen linkables. But still, this one can only solve half of my problems. OK, keep looking.

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