Wednesday, April 23, 2008

80F Degree Today

Yesterday and today are both very warm, feel like early summer. It was high 70F yesterday, not very hot for human, but apperantly too much for some of my plants. I put them out on the sunny deck last weekend, and they were fine. But last night when I got home, I noticed some of them got severely sunburnt! One of the huge elephant ear leaf, which was facing south got burnt the worst, almost entire leaf turned white! And all 3 of my stargazer lilies, which I started indoor and transplanted last weekend, both the leaves and the flower buds were burnt! Now I am worried the flowers got damaged and won't open this year! How sad! And I was stupid enough didn't do anything about it, especially when I knew today is going to be even 'hotter'. Now I am worrying that how many more plants going to be stressed. I moved all the Oncidiums under a chaise chair, so they can be protected a little bit. We will see whether that worked or not. The temperature is going down tomorrow. Actually these two days are way over our average. Because of all this heat, all kinds of trees and flowers are blooming in Boston. Anyone who haven't visited Boston during spring and fall, they missed the most dramatic shows of nature. We have only about 2-3 weeks of spring and fall, so in spring, all the trees and flowers bloom around the same time, and in fall, it's the famous foliage show, not just red, we also have orange, yellow, and green. Imagine all these color mixed together, and layers and layers of them, cover the entire city! Oh, OK, back to spring time. Suburb is cooler than the city, so plants just woke up in my neighborhood. Cannot wait to show you pictures from my own yard. Here are some pictures of signs of spring in my yard. My first crocus!The tulips are coming out. No signs of my daffodils yet. The new leaves are coming out on my oak trees.And my azalea flower buds are opening up too.

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