Sunday, April 20, 2008

All about gardening

Went to DH's company yesterday. He had something that has to be done on a Sat, I know, total waste of a wonderful sunny day. But I love their lobby and love to ride the car with DH, so I went along. That lobby never disappoints me! It's as beautiful as I remembered, little rocky mountain (of course man-made), a waterfall runs down the "mountain" and becomes a creek, which then runs underneath a asian style wooden bridge, and all these are surrounded by tropical plants. There are so many different varieties, I can only recognize some of them. But they are all wonderful, I feel like wondering in a botanical garden. There are even real bananas hanging on really really tall banana trees. And I found some really interesting flowers too. Wish I had more time to take more pictures.And today was all about gardening as well. The weather was really great, so I put all my plants out on the deck for the first time of the year. And of course, I had to give them a nice shower. They looked very happy under the bright sunshine. Then I spent the entire afternoon working in the garden. I replace the mulch for the front yard, and cut off those old dried up branches and dead plants. Some of my spring bulbs are doing pretty good, but others are getting smaller and smaller over the years. Maybe I have to give them some fertilizer. None of them in blooms now, so you guys just have to wait for the new pictures. Then I added some compost to the long raised bed, which is further away from the house. I decided to plant perennials there instead of veggies, it was too much work last year. To my surprise, I saw some nice firm asparagus tips. Nice! I planted some lilies, 3 stargazers, 7 oriental lilies, and lots of tiger lily seedlings. I got the "seeds" from AK, and patiently waited more than 3 months for them to germinate, now they all have very nice root systems and a very healthy leaf. Tiger lilies are absolutely beautiful, but I have to wait 3 years for the flowers, since I started from seeds. It's ok, at the mean time, I will enjoy my stargazers and orientals. I also planted some summer bulbs, gladiolus and canna. I saved them from last season, just hope they are still alive. My annual seedlings are still way to small for transplant, besides our last frost will be early May, I just cannot risk it.
Since tomorrow is holiday, I got one more day working in the garden. I will transplant some purple cone flowers and hostas and set up the soaker holes for the vegetable garden. Lots of work need to be done. Oh, I should plant some snow pea and beans too.
Let the fun begin.

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