Friday, April 18, 2008

Personalized Baby Gift Ideas

Since I have all my fabric and my sewing machine out, I went on searching for some personalized baby gift ideas. Two of my girl friends are pregnant now, I could just go out and buy them some gifts, but as any other crafty girl, I like to make my own gifts. And this way, they will be unique, and the babies can feel the warmth from my heart. JUST LOVE BABIES!

For Jennifer, since both she and her hubby Andy are pediatricians, they have everything already. So, I am thinking about making her a nursing cover like this one,which can be used as a stroller cover, or a light comforter for the baby too. And with this detailed instructions, this should be a piece of cake. Jennifer is also a crafty girl, she has a beautiful crafts room, with build-in desk and shelves, full of fabulous materials, all stored in fancy Container Store containers. Andy called that store "The Insane Store"! Very funny! They already decided not to check the baby's gender, so I have to choose some gender friendly colors. And if I have left over fabric, I can make her a matching burp cloth.

For "little fish", my best friend from high school, I am thinking of a set of matching bibs and appliqued onesies. And I found this tutorial, so this should be a very easy job. Little fish and I were very close in high school, but lost contact after we went to colleges a couple of thousand miles apart. Little as we know, we actually came to US around the same time! We ran into each other at a Chinese grocery store about a month ago. Such a small world. She married our high school classmate, Yong, and just moved here because of a new job. How wonderful! She is pregnant with their first baby, and she is lucky enough to be able to work from home.

BUT, I have to work on the gifts for my family first, since DH is leaving early next month and I don't have much time left. Lucky for me, the weekend is a long weekend, I can work on them after I finish the spring cleaning in the yard. I think it's warm enough to transplant some perennial and plant some summer bulbs. And I always wanted to take new pictures of my jewelry outside, so cannot waste tomorrow's great sunshine. But if the weather is too good, DH may want to go shopping for his trip. So many things to do, so little time! Weekends are always very short and busy for me.

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