Monday, April 28, 2008

Great Weekend

I had lots of fun this past weekend. First of all, I got a little surprise when I got home from work last Friday, a cute little bird nest in one of my pots. I put my glass coffee table out on the deck and rearranged my plants last Thursday night, and then watered them Friday morning. Just a short day, the birds built that nest in my jasmine pot. It was perfectly built, with dry grass carefully waved into a bowl shape. I was hoping the birds will come back and lay eggs in it, so I can document the birth of the babies. But I think they might realized that is not a safe place, too close to human, and abandoned it. How sad! I built a little bird house that night and hoping the birds will like it and nest in there. But nobody is even showing interests in it. Guess I cannot have a CLOSE relationship with the wild birds. I have to settle with just watching them from inside the house.

I went yard sailing Sat morning. I had a doctor appointment and came back around 11Am, so didn't have time to hit more locations. I only found 4, and not many exciting stuffs. Guess great ones already sold earlier. But I did got something I wanted. I bought two framed arts from our neighbor's moving sale.Since we are neighbors, I didn't negotiate the price. But I drove pass their house late afternoon after their closed up, and got a couple of free glass vases and a glass bowl. So, not bad there. I will paint the frames black to match my other frames, and replace the arts in there. They will look FANTASTIC, and nobody will know they were from some yard sale. OK, maybe keep the paintings for now, until I find better ones.

I drove to the next town, where they were having a town wide yard sale event. The first family was very nice. It was a mom and daughter team, they were selling some old clothes and small things. But I locked my eyes on the pile of fabric immediately. The tag said $.50 each piece, and I found some very nice ones and they were all 2-3 yards! So, I got a whole bag full of fabric for just $3! The bottom two are quilting fabric, and the top four are flannel, so soft, great for baby gifts. And look at the close up of them. Don't you just love the color? Oh, BTW, that little table was also from yard sale, I got it about 8 years ago, and just recently painted it very pale blue. Thinking about using it in our future baby nursery as a small changing table or something. The mom was trying to sell some of the earrings she made too, so I told her about Etsy. She was very happy and give me a bottle of hand lotion for free. NICE!

The last one I went was kind of boring, but I did buy a small fish bowl for DH's little blue fish, so he cannot say I didn't think of him. He liked the fish bowl, and moved the fish right into it. BUT he managed to cracked it that night, and had to throw it away. That was $.75 well spent and wasted in 10 hours! Lucky I got the free glass vase, so the fish still has a home.

Yesterday (Sunday) I got some free time to work in my garden. I dug out some perennials, and moved them to the raised flower bed. I started them from seeds, so they were in the "nursery bed" last year. Now they are big enough and should bloom soon, so I have to move them to their permenant home. And some of others got too big last summer, and started to block the sprinklers. So, now I have one Lavender, 3 Columbines, 3 Purple Coneflowers in the new flower bed. Still waiting for the foxgloves to grow out, and then that flower bed will be very beautiful. Oh, another major thing I did was putting down the soaker hoes. I bought 75ft one, but it's a little bit short. So, now I have to get a shorter one, and connect them to cover the long flower bed. I tried it out, besides the water pressure kind of low at the end, it works perfectly. It will save so much of my time this summer, I can see myself lying in the lounge chair, drinking juice and enjoy sunset!

Overall, it was a great weekend, very productive and satisfying. Sorry for this mile long posting, it's just so much happened during this weekend, and I didn't blog about them until now. So, if you count this one as 3 postings, they are not that long. =)


Anonymous said...

are you serious about this bird nest? that is amazing!

SallyZ said...

I know. Totally amazing! The only side effect is we have to use the side door now. I am pretty bad with downloading pictures from camera every night. You will see more updates later.