Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bag Fever too!

need to think of some unique gifts for my mom, really late, late birthday gift or a mother's day gift. Also, I'd like to come up with something for my sister Cathy and her cute little girl Iris. I know they have everything they need already, and they are simple people like my DH, so I cannot give them fancy gifts, which they will never use. I am making matching aprons for Cathy and Iris, and thinking about making some bags for all of them. Mom never carries any bag, and everyday she comes back from the farmer's market with those tiny plastic bags hanging on the bike handles. So, I am thinking about some shopping bags for her, and maybe matching ones for my Dad, for their weekend antique hunting trips together. For Cathy and Iris, I will probably make some causal handbags, so they can have matching ones when they go out. Since they live in HongKong, and it's warm there all year long, I will use some bright color, of course mix with pink for Iris. Here are some of my inspirations. Love the shape! Mom can either hang it on the bike handle or carry it over her shoulder. Perfect! Maybe not that many pockets on the outside though. This will be great for Cathy and Iris. Loving the fabric! This one is great for Cathy. I love the color, but Cathy is not a color person, her stuffs are all black, grey, and brown. So, have to find some nice fabric for her.
Oh, don't forget the nice shoulder bag tutorial I found. That will be great for Cathy and Iris too, and will be easier for me, since I already know how to make it.
Just wish I can finish all the gifts by the end of this month. DH is leaving for China early next month, and offered to take the gifts back with him, and send them to my family there. So nice of him. Sending gifts from US to China will be way too expensive. Now you know why I am not making anything bulky and heavy. I will take some pictures once I am done. Won't be as pretty as these bags though, but I don't care, I made them with love, so my family have to love them.

BTW, DH came back really late last night. And since I sprayed some perfume on the curtains and futon cover in his office, he didn't even notice the paint smell coming out of my 'new' closet office. Told you I can hide things from him! Mission accomplished! Now what can I do during his next business trip? Paint the master bedroom and the dinning room? Or water proof the basement? Oh, first thing first, I need to install more shelves in my closet office to hold my fabric. Too excited now!

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