Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why don't we have yard sales like this here?

I am a big yard sale fan. I like the idea of recycling and reusing things. I used to go out almost every Saturday to hunt for something, then end up with a whole bunch of things I didn't even need. It's fun for me, but not for DH. We have different taste and personality, so it's hard for me to find things that we both love. And DH is a very simple guy, he just want the necessities, doesn't care much about decoration. So, he can never understand why I buy "unpractical" things all the time, and always spend hours in the basement working on some project. He has been pushing me to open a yard sale and get rid of all my "treasures". NO WAY!
Since we have REALLY long winter here in Boston, I normally get very anxious by now. It's still consider cold for most people to set up their yard sales, so I google for other people's yard sale finds sometimes, just to see what I "want" and what could be out there. Here are some examples. Look at that little blue table on the left. It's just so adorable! I don't think it can fit in my living room, but I would love to find one of these to add some color into my life. And how about these vintage painted furniture? I need some small shelves like these to display my orchids, books and maybe some framed arts. Endless possibilities here.
Look at the wonderful job this person did to this ugly old chair. Now it's such a modern piece. I think it looks better than a West Elm chair, and can be easily sold for $200 in their store. Great job!
And who don't have room for this little beauty? The lady who bought it just replace the top with that bright red fabric, which she got from another yard sale. And there it is, a perfect little stool for any one, in any room. See, why cannot I find great stuffs like these? Maybe I need to get up earlier. I will try this year.
OK, now I have to stop. I cannot control myself any more. I want to go shopping RIGHT NOW! Since DH is going out of town this weekend, maybe I can squeeze some yard sale hunt into my busy schedule (the "secret plans"). Better go check the craiglist and other local listings now. And I heard this Sat supposed to be very nice and sunny, the first Sat without rain since Feb 23rd! To those of you who are lucky enough to live in warm states, go out and hunt for some treasures. You never know what you will stumble upon. Happy yard sailing!

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