Friday, April 25, 2008

Yard Sale planning

Tomorrow is weekend again. Since we had all these nice weather, yard sales popping up like mushroom after rain. Just checked Craiglist for listings, and found some great ones. A house about 2 blocks from mine is having a moving sale. I bought some very nice porcelain/ceremic pots from a yard sale hosted by their next door neighbor. Hope I can find something interesting this time too. And I heard stuffs at moving sales could be much cheaper, since they just have to get rid of them. Crossing my fingers now. But I cannot make it right when they open, since I have an appointment with an acupuncture doctor at 9am, and his office is pretty far away. Just hope when I come back, there will still be something interest left.
And I found a listing for a town wide yard sale event in the town north of us, which about 15 minutes driving. There will be 45 yard sales in that town, they even prepared maps for people to pick up. Since I don't have certain goals, and might not have time to pick up the maps, I will probably just drive to the town center, and follow the signs. I don't really need any furniture or kitchen stuffs, but I love vintage fabric and jewelry. A girl can never have enough fabric or jewelry. And even if I don't like the jewelry, I can still use the beads for my projects. That will be fun.
Man, I am so excited! Why I made that appointment on a Sat? Hope it will rain tomorrow, so most of those yard sales will postpone to Sun. Hehe, that's my little wish, kind of selfish, so don't tell anyone. BUT, before I can go to any of these yard sales, I have to talk DH into it. DH hates it when I buy these old "junks", and this will mess up our lunch routine (we normally go to the mall and have lunch and then shop a little there). We will see.

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