Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Update on the Bird Nest

Remember the cute bird nest I told you a couple of days ago? Here is the update. It's not abandoned. I found one of the most beautiful little egg in it last night! It's a wonderful bright turquoise/aqua blue. I am not an expert, so after a little bit research, I think it's a Robin's egg. Haven't seen the parents yet, maybe they are super careful and alert, and always spotted us before we got any closer. But unfortunately, because of the sudden temperature drop, I had to move all my plants back into the house. No way my jasmine can survive outside, so I had to move the nest from the jasmine pot to an empty pot. I left it at the same place, so the parents can still find it, and maybe they won't notice the pot change. Crossing my fingers now. If the parents abandon this nest and egg, it won't even have a chance to hatch. Last year, a robin baby fell into my yard from a tree. I tried to help it by putting it into a small basket, but it was so scared and crawled away. The parents were around, and trying to feed it, but without the safty of the nest, it was killed by some other animal the very next day. Hope this one has a better luck. I will post the pictures later.

And I cannot understand why nobody interested in my little birdhouse. I made it very roomy, and painted it dark green, like a tree. And the best part is it has a roof! It has been raining for the past two days, and everything is soaking wet, including the bird nest. How can the parent birds keep their egg warm in such a cold and wet nest? Why don't they move into my carefully built birdhouse, which is definitely dry inside. I left it next to the little nest, so if the parents changed their mind, it's easier to move. We'll see.

More updates. I am happy to report that the parent birds didn't abandon the nest. Actually, they laid another egg in it. I don't know how many are they going to have, but I am definitely going to keep a record of this whole process.
And look at what I found on my porch, another nest! What is going on with these birds? It seems they all very much in love with my pots! This one is built even better. The birds actually waved my English Ivy into their nest, so I couldn't even take it out. Guess the ivy I grew whole winter, from tiny cuttings, are gone now. Cannot wait to see how many eggs this nest is going to hold. So much activities!


drey said...

how absolutely adorable! i've never seen them before and they are so fantastic to have on your porch!


SallyZ said...

I know. Now I have my camera on the dining table all the time, so I can quickly grab it and snap some more pictures. I didn't know they trust human this much to build their nests so close. I feel so honored.