Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Secret plans

Last night DH told me that he is leaving for a conference out of town this weekend, I got really excited. I am not saying that I am excited that he is leaving, it's just all my fabulous crafts/organizing/decorating ideas started jumping back into my head again. DH is not very supportive when I decorate or organize. I want my home to be like a picture cut off a magazine, but for DH, home is just a home, as long as we have all necessities, it's ok with him. So, I kind of developed a habit, listing and preparing my "DH unfriendly" projects, and then as soon as he is on a business trip, I will start working hard. Crazy, huh? But I found that very efficient. I can concentrate on my "work", actually they feel like play to me, and don't have to listen to DH's complain. He is a great guy, just not very handy at all. But he is a perfectionist, so he tends to point fingers and try to tell me what I did wrong, and what I should do next. Sometimes I just want to tell him to shut up, since he had no idea what I was doing. So, it's better this way.

So, the first big project I am going to do this weekend is to paint my closet office. We set up a home office for DH in one of the big bedrooms, and I finished painting and decorating it two years ago. But what about all my stuffs? I have tons of papers, fabrics, beads, books, albums and other crafting supplies, which means I need space for all those plastic boxes, totes, and all kinds of containers. So, I came up with a very smart idea, transforming the unused closet in DH's office into my own little crafting area. I had my plans, but by that time DH has already moved into his office and won't allow me to paint my space, because he didn't want to stay out of that room for a couple of days and he didn't want to smell the fresh paint either. So, all I did was installing a "desk" surface, (was a couple of heavy duty shelves I found somewhere), and moving most of my stuffs into the closet. But since I don't like to face the white wall, and didn't have time to install more wire shelves to organize my boxes, I couldn't really "work" there without running downstairs for some ribbons or fabric. Now I got my chance. DH will be out of the house for several days, so I have enough time to paint the wall, install more shelves, and re-organize everything. I know he is way too lazy to paint it over if he didn't like my color, so I am safe there. And he will benefit too, not like I am not thinking about him. He always complains that I put lots of my materials and unfinished projects on the big sectional sofa. If I can finish my "office", I can give him the living room back. What a deal for him! Getting a clean living room without even lifting a finger. OK, I promise to post some before and after pictures later. Here is some of my inspirations. I like the clean look of this closet office. And loving the chair.
Like the idea of using containers on wire shelving.
This is not a closet office, but I love the curtains. I removed the sliding door, so I will have more elbow room, and hang a pair old curtains on a curtain rod, which matches the wall color and the window curtain. I think it looks nice. And I can hide my messy "office" when friends come over.

Then if I have more time, what should I do next? I better prioritize my to-do list, which has about 30 projects, big and small. Hum, I have to find all those projects I have to hide from DH. What's next then???

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