Friday, May 30, 2008

Some Pictures of My Flowers

Took some pictures of my flowers yesterday, and cannot wait to show them off.

My baby columbine. I started them last year from seeds, didn't know what color they will be. Here it is, beautiful burgundy/wine color. I saw some other flower buds are very pale green color, it will be interesting to see their true color later, maybe this weekend.
These are my strawberry plants. I planted 6 last year, and they shot out so many babies, so I have lots of them this year. They are all loaded with flowers, so yummy yummy homegrown strawberries are on their way. Cannot wait. They tasted so good last year.
Here is two of my phalaenopsis in bloom. The one with the orange/red lip started shoting out flower spike a couple month ago, and it just opened the first flower. Very pretty! But unfortunately, it was windy on Monday, and the heavy curtain was blown its way and dragged off one of the petals. But it's ok, it still looks very nice. I will show you more of it when it's in full bloom. The other one I got it from AK last summer, with 3 flower spikes loaded with flowers. Then after those flowers faded, a couple of new branches came out, and gave me even more flowers. Amazing! It has been in bloom for at least 8 months.

Oh, this is what's waiting for me when I got home yesterday. This little guy and his family live somewhere in our neighborhood, and come visit us very often. Sorry about the quality of the picture, I forgot some setting on the camera. And I cannot get any closer without scaring him. He is just adorable, with that little cotton ball like tail. So far he hasn't destroyed any of my flower or vegetable, so he is still cute to me. We will see.

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