Monday, August 25, 2008

Etsy Find Of The Week - PromosInASnap

These days I have been busy making promo items. Forgot if I ever mentioned this, on Etsy, we try to help each other out by accepting promos from other sellers, and put everything in the goodie bags. So, our customers at the crafts fairs, who get the free goodie bags, will enjoy cute little promos from different Etsy shops. This is a great cross advertisement. I sent out two sets of promos already, still have two more to go. So, when I was designing and making my promos, I went online for inspirations. Surprised? You don't google for inspirations? Liar! :) Anyway, I found this great Etsy shop, called PromosInASnap. Actually I found her on Flickr first, then went to check out her store. She makes all kinds of great promo stuffs, from stickers to buttons and mirrors, from business cards to customized notepads and lots of other product labels. I am thinking about getting some stickers from her once I am done with my logo design.Her promos are so professional, they made me thinking more about mine. The first set I made was the post-it cover thing, with pictures of my items. It's cute and colorful, but the problem is people probably will throw it away once they are done with the post-in notes inside. I want to give people something they like and will keep for a while, and has my signature designs. That is why I chose my button knot earrings. If they like them and wear them, their friends and family will be interested. It will attract more traffic that way. I have lots of scrap cords from making other necklace or decoration pieces, and they are perfect for the button knots. And I am going to use all sterling silver and 14k gold findings for my shops, so I have to find a way to use up all my gold or silver plated findings. Even though these earrings are little bit time consuming than printing out a bunch of stickers, they are the easiest to make and I can do it while watching TV. The second set of promos I sent out was these button knot earrings, and my business cards. Then I had this light bulb suddenly turning on moment. You know what I mean. PromosInASnap put the promo items in plastic bags with product tags, very professional. I haven't really decided on my logo, so no product tags for now. So, I just stapled my business card to the little zip plastic bags, and I think it's close enough. And this way, my promo earrings and business card won't be separated in the goodie bags. I will show you the pictures of my newest set, I think they look great!

And here is PromosInASnap's studio! It is so clean and well organized, and love the color she used. Wish I had a studio like hers. But I am grateful and happy in my newly organized basement crafting zone. It's much bigger than a couple of TV trays and the dining table, and I can make huge mess and don't have to worry about friends stopping by unannounced and see my messy side.

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UxCritter said...

You're inspiring me to now create my promoInASnap ideas too. Great blog today! Thanks! So far I have postcards with a 10% discount, and I have an idea to deliver 'sunshine and smiles' as a promo. I'm getting them printed right now.

TranquilityKnots said...

Great ideas, uxcritter. We are all learning from each other to improve our business and the whole Etsy image. I will take some better pictures of my new promo items and post it soon.