Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Am Tired But Happy

I have been really busy recently. Just sent out the last promo package on Mon, and started preparing for the crafts show in Nov. I got several orders from my coworkers and promised a very cute little girl that I am going to make her a beautiful necklace at yesterday's party. One of the order is 'huge', at least to me. I gave AD, the big guy and a happy grandpa, a necklace (phoenix tail knots in dark green/olive green/brown) a couple of weeks ago. He loved it very much, and has been wearing it ever since. In fact he loved it so much, he ordered two matching bracelets with friendship beads for his little 3-yr-old grandson and himself. Then the little boy wanted a matching necklace just like grandpa's. But unfortunately, I ran out of some of those colors. So, he ordered new matching sets in blue. Then his daughter, the little one's mom, got jealous and want a set too. And AD worried about the other daughter found out everyone has matching sets except her, she will be mad. So, at the end, AD put down an order for 4 sets of matching necklace and bracelet. Plus the huge decoration piece he ordered earlier, I will be very busy for a while. Oh, the young guy works in his office saw his bracelet, so he ordered one for himself, similar color, different design with more of those manly beads. All these happened really fast, I still cannot believe it. I always thought jewelry is for girls, so all my previous creations are very girly. I never thought guys will be interested in these type of stuffs. But obviously I was wrong. So, a suggestion to my fellow Etsy sellers, make something for man too, or at least something gender friendly. I just hope this can open up my market and attract more traffic to my little store.

Oh, another thing that makes me so happy is that FabricPlace is having lots of sales. The Fabric Place in Woburn closed their customer order department, so they put all those wonderful designer fabric samples for sale, 50 cents each. What a deal! I went there two nights in a row, but didn't have enough time to dig through the huge piles. I bought almost 50 of those gorgeous squares, don't really have in mind what I am going to do with them, but just have to have them. Now I am busy washing and ironing them, my collection is growing faster and faster. And I am going there again tonight, in fact, I will keep going there until there is no more interesting ones any more. And I bought some notions that I really need, with 20% off! See, I am a happy happy girl!

And I started tackle my several boxes of scrap fabrics. I made some very simple pin cushion the other night. They are simple, but very unique, because I sewed button knots at each corner as decoration, and used another button knot in the center instead of regular button. I think they are very cute, and I love one of the fabric so much, I am going to keep it for myself, even though I have two big pin cushions already. This long weekend I am going to make more aprons, coasters, and baby gifts. Cannot wait to cut into those fabulous new fabrics of mine.

I live for the weekends! :)

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