Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Have To Share This With You

Yesterday, the fabulous Jessica Jones from How About Orange posted a picture of Ms. Bakerella's orange cupcake pops. (BTW, if you never read my blog before, Jessica's blog is my favorite.) It looked so good, I had to check out the source. Let me tell you, it is super fun. You be the judge. Look at these yummy cupcakes, can you resist that? And Bakerella is kind enough to share some recipes and tricks. I can see lots of kids will have a wonderful birthday party soon. So, all the moms please check out Bakerella.

Olympic Medal Count Update: (OK, uxcritter complained to me yesterday about not posting Canada's medal counts. So, from now on, Canada will be in this short list.)


Soyun Park said...

OMG~ They make me so~ hugry~
BUT it is sad... too cute to eat~:)

SallyZ said...

Did you check out the website? Those pictures of that cute smily face being eaten? That was hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the feature!

And OMG! These little pieces of heaven look marvelous.

Ann said...

Those looks so cute and yummy! I'm going to go check her out now.

UxCritter said...

I've missed so much with your great blog! I finally got a chance to even update my own blog a bit. Your site is super! All the great items you have on yours. And you added the Canada Stats to your list!!! YaY! That's awesome. THANKS!