Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Have You Ever Heard Of Home Stager?

I saw an interesting show on HGTV while stucked in my resort during last week vacation because of the heavy and never ending rain. Apparently 'home staging' is a quite popular concept in the real estate market now. Since housing market is so low now, there are more sellers than buyers. So, how to make your house stand out, impress more buyers to get more and higher offers? The answer is call a home stager. Traditionally, when selling a house, it involves team work between the home owner and the agent. But there is a new team member now, the stager. They can come in and help you redesign or re-arrange your entire house, in a way it will appeal to wider viewers. The agents also love their involvement, simply because the staged homes sell faster and make more money for the owner, and of course the agent get more commission. Staging fee ranges from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depends on the size of the house and the amount of work stager had to put in. In the show I saw, the stagers have a close relationship with some decorating warehouse, which has everything the stager needed, from furniture to carpet, from window treatment to bedding. The stager first check out the client's house, then go 'shopping' at that warehouse. The warehouse will moving all the pieces to the house and stagers will set everything up. And the warehouse will send replacement if something doesn't fit. It's kind of like rent some nice stuffs for the open house day.

So, what if we don't have that several thousand dollars for this fabulous service? Are we doomed? Not necessarily. Here is some tips from WISH website. So, as long as you have common sense and follow the tips, your house should be off market soon. So, start decluttering and clean like you never did before. Oh, you can also google 'home stager' to read more articles and advice. It's time to get the market moving again.

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