Monday, August 18, 2008

Pictures from My White Mountain Trip - Craft Show, and Flume Gorge, part 1

I have been so busy with the house and the garden, didn't have time to process most of the pictures from the trip. These are from the last day, which was the only sunny day we had during that week. We went to the Castlebery craft fair (annual) that Sat morning, and I guess lots of the vendors cancelled due to the bad weather. (But it turned out to be a great sunny day.) So, instead of 100+ vendors, there were only about 30-40 of them. But some of them are truely talented. Here are some pictures from the craft fair.

And I finally got to take some pictures of the Loon Mountain from my balcony before we checked out. The mountain was covered by clouds and rain in all the previous pics. There is a tennis court right under out balcony, so we got some surprise visits from those young kids and their balls several times. To the left, there is the beach volleyball court and kids' play yard. And that tent in the background is where the BBQ and potluck party happened. Yum! Oh, need to focus. Just look at the mountain! What a view! And we got to listen to the nature, the flooded brook next to the building, all the time, and actually saw several chipmunks running around.

And here are some pics from our visit to the Franconia Notch State Park, the Flume Gorge. Words just cannot describe its beauty. Even with the drizzling rain, the tree and water and everything else just make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. If you ever visit NH, you have to stop by the Flume Gorge. I will upload all the pics to my flickr account. Here are just some of the most beautiful ones.
A covered bridge built on top of a fallen tree. See that the horrizontal tree trunk right underneath the bridge? Amazing! And the view from the bridge is stunningly beautiful.

This is the "wolf's den". Very tight squeeze. I had to give DH my backpack and sweater in order to twist, climb and craw myself through that tiny opening between the rocks.

I took tons of pictures of the water in the park. I will show you more once I get them off DH's laptop.

Here are the famous glacial boulders and the amazing trees growing on top of them.

Because of the heavy rain for the past two weeks, ferns and mushrooms are doing great. Here are some cute mushrooms, and I finally figured out what was eating them, slugs. Oh, there were also lots of indian pipes.

Olympic Medal Count Update:


UxCritter said...

Love your updates of the olympic medals! I was going to say, "Oh Oh, your update of the olympic medals is leaving out our wonderful country of OH CANADA." But then I see you're from Boston, and it's understandable I suppose that you are focusing on the U.S. more so. But all in all I think it's great that you are doing that for blog viewers. but canada stats would be cool too. lol
Love your photos! So Beautiful!

Syarlilady (shar-lee-lay-dee) said...

OMG. You can have all those beautiful views near your home? I'm jealous. My village used to be green and calming. Now, the government and developers are cutting down trees to build highways and housing development. without the trees, it's noisy, dusty and it floods when the rain falls. You are blessed.

SallyZ said...

Oh, syarlilady, I only can wish those are my neighborhood. No, those are pictures from my trip to NH earlier this month. I would love to spend more time there, it's magical and can help you forget all the stress in your life. And it's only 2 hours away! I probably should drive up there every other week to hike.

Joniwalker said...

Hi there,I'm sold.Today is Monday.
My Wife's done with school tomorrow and will have a day off from work on Thursday. We r definately heading to this gorgeous gorge to getaway.
We are from Korea. We do know what beautiful gorge should look like. Although I would prefer totally opened, accessible gorge, hope to find some access points along the exploration. Could you give me some suggestions how to enjoy thoroughly for a full day trip to this gorge?Anyway, great post and photos. Many many many thanks to you.