Friday, August 1, 2008

No More "Manny Being Manny"

Manny is GONE! I am a RedSox fan, but not as big as my DH. I have mixed feelings about Manny over the years. He is a great hitter, no doubt about that. But he sucks at defense, and when he only get a single instead of double for a deep hit, I wondered what was he thinking? I know he runs slower, but running slow is still much better than standing there staring the ball and starting to run only when it hits the wall or ground. And his attitude about those "Manny being Manny" errors/moments is not very refreshing, definitely not a role-model for kids. But I still feel sad to see him leaving. Did RedSox make a good trade? I cannot say, since I don't know Jason Bay at all. But trading Manny, plus two other players (outfielder Brandon Moss and reliever Craig Hansen), and paying the remaining $7 million to get just one Jason Bay, it doesn't sound very fair to me. Maybe Jason Bay is a great player, or better teamplayer, or better personality. Let's just hope so. I won't turn my back on RedSox like the father and son on TV last night. If you love Manny so much, how about turn yourselves into Dodgers' fans, instead Yankee's. It just doesn't make any sense to me. You love Manny, so you hate RedSox, hence you have to be a Yankee fan? Cannot understand it!

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