Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Bday, Honey!

Almost forgot DH's birthday! Oops! There is still time to buy flowers before I leave work. But I have to come up with some smart excuses for not getting him a perfect gift! I will take him out for a romantic dinner, and buy him a gift of his choice this weekend. Guess no crafting for me tonight! Just before I left for vacation, I responsed to several fellow Etsy seller's promo item call. But only managed to finish and mail out one package. So, I have been quite busy these nights, making more promo items, while watching Olympic games. I made some post-it covers for the first package, but decided to use my cute button knot earrings as the promo samplers this time. So, around 60 of lucky shoppers out there attending those shows will get my earrings. I am very excited. Since lots of my friends wanted shorter chain, I decided to use half the length I used in my shop. So, these cuties will be about 1" long total, instead of 2". And I just thought of some cute earring card design, so will try them out later. I will post the pictures here after I am done.

Oh, a_beaded_affair asked for a picture of my button knot earring, I haven't taken any pic of my promo items, but here is a pic of the 2" long button knot earrings from my store. The promo one is half the length, with the same knot.

Olympic Medal Count Update:


A Beaded Affair said...

Would love to see a picture of you button knot earrings. I have been trying to come up with an idea for a promo for my shop. I like the idea of sending something special but not expensive with purchase as a thank you but having a hard time. Maybe earrings are the answer. Good luck.

SallyZ said...

You can go to my store and check out my earring section. I have some button knot earrings listed there. I think using simple earrings as promo items is great. So if people like them, they will actually wear them, then maybe their family and friends will be interested as well. They will be your moving advertisement! It's kind of time consuming for a promo item, but I think it worths it.