Friday, August 22, 2008

My New Favorite Craft Room

Found this one on Flickr, then remembered that I read it's blog a while ago. Look how organized she is! The first picture is her sorting/shipping area, and what a clever way to use a regular shoe organizer! The woman behind this is Nicole Balch, the owner of Pink Loves Brown and MakeItLovely blog. She designs and sells cards, stationery, and lots of other wonderful goodies. And the renovation she and her hubby did to their home is so good, their library was the ‘Reader Before and After’ feature in the September 2008 issue of Home Magazine! Take a look at her new home's before and after, and every steps in between at flickr.

Olympic Medal Count Update:


UxCritter said...

You have wonderful ideas to blog about. It's so great how you highlight other people! There truly are some super creative individuals to discover.

I enjoyed looking at your photos of your garden plants. And you did a great job on the post it note creations.

Thanks again, (I commented on the first entry) for the Canada Stats at the Olympics!

TranquilityKnots said...

Thanks, uxcritter. What can I say, I love gardening and crafting. And I am constantly searching for inspirations. Oh, now the games over, I can finally get some sleep. So tired!