Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Spring Weekend

I have to take a break from photo processing, as my eyes hurt too much, I cannot see very clear. Or maybe it's because of my allergy. Anyway, it was great that I could get out to the yard and spend some quality time with my plants. Warning, this will be a boring post without pictures. Or, I can take some pictures and add them here later.

Although I don't particularly like the heavy lifting part, I do love to see all my trees and shrubs and flowerbeds dressed up in new mulch. Also finally put the spring fertilizer in the yard. We had been so good for years, making the lawn organic. But I can tell we were losing the battle! Too many crabgrass and other weeds. Well, if your neighbors on the either side aren't doing their job, their weeds will get in your yard, no matter how hard you try to prevent it. So, this year, I simply have to put down some fertilizer with weedkiller. I don't want to spend my precious summer weekend time pulling weed. I rather run around and play with my little girl!

This year, I am taking spring cleaning to the extreme (my standard), instead of the regular dusting and cleaning, there will be lots of decluttering and organizing. I have a lot to organize, but first, add more built-in shelves in closets, to utilize the dead corners and wasted space above. I bought some particle board shelving from Lowes, had them cut to size. I had enough, of the chaos in our living room closet, and I need to totally transform little caterpillar's closet to a big girl closet too. I will show you the before after pictures much later, if I can get it done in spring, and not too embrassed about showing you the before. I also have a plan for a couple of identical toy shelves to control the living room toy mess. But there are just too many cuts, the lowes guy said they don't do this many cuts on weekend, since there are too many customers. BUT I could go back and have them cut today, after work! What a nice guy! Time like this, I really wish I own a circular saw! If I get all the materials ready today, I probably can finish her shelves in a couple of weeks! Is that too long? You probably forgot I have a full time job, a house to run and a hubby and a baby to take care of. On the best nights, I get about 1-2 hours free time! And absolutely no loud projects! Or, that two weeks also include a couple of coats of primer, several coats of paint, both I already own. But since it's for my very active toddler, I probably need to polyurethane it a couple of times to get a stronger surface. They are not very fancy, but will fit all her toys! Even the big ones! I love the Ikea toy shelf system, but the bins are too small for her music table and rocking Nemo, and the ride on truck, and the zebra! Didn't take a picture of my plan, but it's very easy, kind of like the Grace's Bookshelf plan from amazing Ana White.

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