Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More About Ikea Trip

Yesterday, I was focusing on the exciting play kitchen, so didn't mention other interesting things happened at Ikea. I thought they deserve a post of their own, so the play kitchen won't steal their thunder.

We got to Ikea around lunch time, remember we went to Wrentham first? And secretly, I think one of the reason Stubborn stopped by Ikea was because I "accidentally" mentioned the famous Switish Meatball. So, of course he ordered that meatball combo, and I just have to try their baby backrib. Look at the portion, quite nice! And very tasty as well! But someone was not as enthusiastic about trying new food!
Since Stubborn is very "focused" when it comes to shopping, we just went directly to the Children section. Oh, little caterpillar had so much fun, crawing through the tunnel, rocking on the red rocking thing, and down the slide, again and again and again! That actually gave mommy some time to write down all the numbers needed. When we walked around the corner and saw all those beds, she was already very tired. How sweet is that! Resting on daddy's shoulder!
Then when she saw this cute little bedroom, she just couldn't resist any more. Climbed right in, pulled up the blanket, and pretended to snore.
And look at this tired little thing, thumb in her mouth, blankie in the other hand, she was ready to doze off when daddy was paying for her toys! She had no idea what was in that big box at the moment! Otherwise, you probably will see a totally different picture, with a little monkey all over that box!
Overall, this Ikea trip was quite short, yet very efficient. Better than all the other times we were there. I think the key is to stay on track with your plan, focus on the section that you are interested, and use the shortcuts! If we followed the path and went through all the displays, we probably would end up buying lots of stuffs we don't really need, just because they are too cute! Focus! Focus! And Focus! Guess this should work with all other stores as well.

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