Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poor Little Caterpillar

Poor thing has been sick since Monday! Something is happening in her mouth, she refuse to eat or drink! Even affraid of her favorite grapes! Mommy had to take a day off yesterday, since she was having fever! The only way to calm her down was playing her Seaworld videos repeatedly!

But I didn't managed to sneak out to Lowe's during her naptime! I have been planning a shelving system for her toys in the living room! (image here later) Finally bought all the boards. The guy at Lowe's was nice enough to cut them to size for me, for FREE! I know it's supposed to be free, but there are so many cuts, I was totally willing to pay them! Even though the cuts were not exact measurement I wanted, about 1/4" variation, I think I can make it work! If it's really not going to fit, I think I can handle it with my jigsaw. Now I have one shelf half made, with a whole bunch of board on the side. (image here later) Once it's done and painted (white), I will show you some pictures. One problem I could see now, it looks huge putting together! I might made it too big! Well, that means we have extra space to grow into, potentially more toys? Hmm, maybe educational toys and books! Hopefully, this won't make our already small living room too crowded! I might need to move the corner of the sectional sofa down to the basement to make some space for the new shelves! But hey, nobody was sitting in that corner anyway!

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