Friday, April 15, 2011

Orlando Trip, Day 3

It's taking me so long to process pictures from our trip. Well, it's not because I am lazy, there are just way too many of them! Since I want to tell you about day 3 so much, I moved on to the day3 folder before finish day2. Crazy! OK, I had good plans for day 3, based on day2 experience. On day2, we waited for the shuttle to get us there, so wasted some time in the morning. We were not going to repeat that! So, with little caterpillar in the stroller, hat and glasses on, I just pushed her across the street and the huge parking lot, within 10 minutes, we were in the park!
'Oh, mommy forgot to take some pictures at the entrance, so stay still, and smile for the camera! No? OK!'
'Oh, we didn't see the stingray yesterday. Do you want to touch them? Too scared? OK, next time.'
'Oh, look, they are feeding the dolphins! See those big gray fish looking things? They are called dolphins!'
'Cannot see them clearly? Let's go underground! Oh, but first, let's check out the manatees!'
That's when little caterpillar had her first meltdown! It was very hot that day, 90F degrees! Guess she was overheated. She rather play with the buckles on her stroller, than go with mommy to check out the gigantic manatees! She screamed and cried for over 30 minutes! That's when I realized we could never set a tight plan when wondering around with her. Have to follow her lead! 'OK, no more manatee! Let's go somewhere cool and quiet! Oh, I know. Let's go to that underwater place to watch those dolphins!'
'Oh, look! They are jumping!'
'Can you pose for mommy? Quick, here comes a dolphin! Look up! Not down!'
'Oh, there are more coming at you! See them?'
Poor thing was so tired, she passed out before lunch! At least mommy got to eat first for a change!
'Hey, do you want to see some doggie and kitty?' 'Hey stop playing with your elastics, pay attention to the stage!' Well, obviously it was not going to happen. But at least it was very cool and comfortable in that Seaport Theatre.
'Oh, see those little kids playing in the water? Do you want to join them?'
Then we went to visit the sharks
and the sealions and seals
Oh, goodness, did we actually did all that! No wonder mommy was so tired at the end of everyday! Cannot wait to show what else we did on day 4!

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