Monday, April 11, 2011

Ready For Spring?

Every year around this time, the gardener in me just cannot wait to get the hands dirty! Since last year I was too lazy to clean up, my yard is kind of messy. So, several hours out there with little caterpillar, I managed to rack up all the leaves from flower beds, mulched them with the lawnmower, cut down the dead plants, cut clean edges around shrubs and trees, dump everything to compost pile, and gave everything a nice deep soak. Now everything looks so tidy, I can just sit back and enjoy the flowers.Who am I kidding here? There are still so many things to do! The raised beds around the deck was built 5 years ago. Since I wanted to grow vegetable in them, I chose not to use pressure treated wood for borders. Of course, the trade-off is the wood will rot! After 5 years, everything just fell apart. I was too tired last year, so just put a couple of new pieces against the soil, and hammered in some rebar to hold them in place. Then we got record amount of snow in winter, the weight of the snow and ice was too much. So now my vegetable garden looks like this! Sad! And the trellis pieces above started rotting too. Guess I have the work cut out for me. But at least, I can take this chance to do something about the messy strawberry issue. Oh, I also restarted the sprinkler system, tested all 4 zones, dug out a couple of them that got stuck under some grass roots, adjusted spraying angles for all of them. So, now my grasses will be happy and give me some color other than yellow. That's one more thing off my list.
What did you do last weekend? Are you ready for lots of outdoor time?

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