Thursday, April 28, 2011

What To Do On A Rainy Day?

Stubborn and I both took a sick day today. I still think we are having different problems. For me, it's the cough! Painful, breath taking kind of cough, makes me want to throw up everytime! But for Stubborn and little caterpillar, it's the running nose! Anyway! Don't really know what other people in the house did the whole day, since I was mostly in bed. But after I finally got up before dinner time, we did end up having some fun. This little hallway is right off the dining room, leads to the basement (door to the left) and the half bath (door on the right). Perfect little bowling alley! Well, stubborn had more fun than little caterpillar. She really liked these little pins, all standing, and nicely arranged. So when daddy told her to throw the ball and knock them down, she did not really get the idea. Yeah, this is her first bowling game. So, naturally when daddy took the ball and showed her what to do, she was not happy at all. As soon as the ball hit the pins, she started saying "Don't be scared!". She says that when she is scared. Then she picked up a blue pin, hugged it, rubbed on the body of it, and told the pin not to cry! She even tried to help all the pins to stand back up. So guess what happened when daddy tried to show her the game again. Yeah, she cried! She must thought daddy was being really mean! Oh, such a compassionate girl!

Enough with the painful bowling game, little caterpillar demanded to go outside. Even though the rain already stopped, it was still very windy out there, not mention all the puddles. Mommy just have to put raincoat and boots on her! Yeah, mommy has been looking for this oppotunity ever since she accidentally found this raincoat that matches her little boots perfectly. What a pretty sight! A cute little pink cheetah in a spring garden!

While little caterpillar and stubborn wondering around the street, mommy got a chance to take some pictures of the spring. Not so bright, all wet, but still pretty!

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