Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter yesterday! The weather was amazingly warm and bright, well, some clouds moved in and threatened to pour, instead just a couple of drizzle. But hey, here in Boston, you cannot ask for a better day than this for April! Anyway, since we cancelled our Easter party due to little caterpillar's running nose and coughing, we had to do something else! We went to Wrentham on Sat! Yes, the very wet, cold, rainy Sat! We thought there will be less people on a bad day, and if we get there early enough, we won't need to wait in line. And we were right! Little caterpillar had a great there, grabbing colorful new clothes, and toys, even tried a fancy bag on her little shoulder. So adorable!

Then on our way back, Stubborn made a surprise stop at Ikea! Oh, can you imagine how happy I was? And guess what we bought?
Yes, a DUKTIG Play Kitchen! I planned to build one for her, but it's never reach the top of the to-do list! Now I am off the hook. The best part is the instant gratification! I only spent about an hour putting it together. I could do it in half an hour, but I had to constantly push over-excited little caterpillar away while assembling it. As soon as I finished it, she just jumped right in, started washing hands, and cooking! How cute! Oh, she also got these cookware, utensil and felt veggie from Ikea. I just need to make some more felt food once I have time.
Here is a picture of little caterpillar enjoying her new favorite toy, stir frying some veggie dish for mommy.

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