Friday, April 22, 2011

Perfect Easter Crafts For Kids

What do you do with the plastic easter eggs after the egg hunt? Sunghee from Creativity In Progress posted some seriously delicious solutions! So creative, and so yummy! What do I mean? Take a look yourself! And don't forget to check out other super creative projects on her blog.

Yummy cupcake with frosting. My mouth is drooling just looking at them.

You cannot have a teaparty serving just cupcakes. You got to have some cute teacup to serve some delicious tea!

What? You still have more plastic egg left? How about a Teacup Carousel?

Since we cancelled our easter egg hunting party because little caterpillar is sick, we do have lots of these plastic eggs. I could make some garlands out of them, but that's kind of seasonal, only appropriate for Easter, not the rest of the year. But these teacups and cupcakes are great for as long as your little girl enjoys tea parties. That could be many many years. I have been hunting for some perfect tea party necessities. I do have several sets of real teacups, but little caterpillar is still too little, and she probably will break some and hence break my sets. And I don't like to buy those plastic tea party set, they are either too blah, or always decorated with princesses! I want toys that's cute, and not covered with advertisements! This is the cutest recycling solution ever! Oh, I definitely can see these cups and cupcakes on my refinished teaparty table, right in front of the window in my girl's room! Oh oh, I cannot wait till Easter's over and steal all the eggs from my girl! Imagine my crafty fingers wiggling in the air!

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