Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finally May

It's finally May, but my deck looked like in early March! All the saucers I left outside with water in them are frozen overnight! Glad I took all my plants in, otherwise I might suffer a great lost. Oh, I was really careful this morning, checking the bird nest and the eggs from second floor window. And there she was, the mother was sitting right in the nest and protecting her babies. I ran downstairs, grabbed the camera, and very carefully walk towards the sliding door, and snapped a couple of pictures. Her eyes are so beautiful, with white circle around her eyes, she looked very alert. She was staring at me the whole time, so when I finally got too close, she flew away. That is not very protective of her. I thought she would fight me and cover her babies. Whatever, she will come back later. Since she left, I got chance to put all my plants out and arrange them around the bird nest. Now I just checked the forecast, and realized that I might have to move them back in again tonight! Sucks! They keep changing the forecast, and how am I suppose to keep up. It's quite a work out to move 50+ plants, two at a time. Guess I cannot fight mother nature.

I also checked the other nest on the porch. It was still empty, but I did see a bird sitting on my oak tree nearby. She is probably the mother. Hopefully when I get home tonight, there will be a tiny egg in that nest as well.
Oh, just sold two more items on Etsy. I chatted with that customer a while ago, and really enjoyed it. She is definitely my kind of gal. So, I put a pair of matching earrings in her package to surprise her.

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