Friday, September 26, 2008

Another Sale!

This keychain is everyone's favorite. So far I have sold 5 of them, if count the dark green one, I sold 7 already. Wish I have more of those cute copper bells. I am going to make more of these for my show. I probably only have 2 or 3 bells left, but I can use the porcelain beads, like this one.

And this is the necklace I am going to post today. It's the same design as the one from yesterday, but different colors. I consider it's gender friendly.

This one is black and silver, definitely great for guys. Actually, a young guy in my office bought a similar one. But with the silver color charm and the adjustable tails, it's good for girls as well. The second picture shows how it looks like, on my wrist. Sorry about the picture quality though. Remember I messed up my camera setting a couple of weeks ago, still struggling with it. But I think I finally figured it out this morning. So I am going to retake pics for this baby and then post it.

And another good news is the orchids AK bought for us arrived this morning. And they are so healthy and well wrapped, there was no damage at all. And they repotted them before packing, so we don't even need to get new barks for them. That's one of the reason why AK love Oak Hill Gardens so much. AK also told me that buying plants from the nursery about the same latitude as your home will reduce the shock to the plants. And base on his experience with OHG, they are now his top choice to get beautiful specious orchids. And since we bought more, we got the wholesale price, which is like dirt cheap.
This one is Phalaenopsis Schilleriana v. Purpurea. AK said it's absolutely stunning when in bloom, it has the most flowers you have ever seen. And its leaves are variegated, so it's gorgeous even without the flowers. Oh, here is the greatest Phal culture article. So, if you love phals, and is a beginner, read it first.

And this one is Aerangis biloba. Cute miniature plant, with gorgeous white flowers. But the leaves are little bit weird, slightly reticulated with a bilobed tip, and it has those black dots look like pimples. Oh, the flowers have night fragrance. Cute, huh?

4 comments: said...

Those are fabulous! The first one is my favorite too. I have a bell just like that on my keychain and love it. It's loud enough that I can hear when the cats take off with me keys but soft enough to gently tinkle in my bag. Love these!

TranquilityKnots said...

Thanks. I love them too. Wish I have bought more last time when I was in China. It's definitely on my shopping list for next trip. But I bought them 5 years ago, so don't know whether they still sell them or not.

Karen said...

The orchid photos are stunning. I have nevery tried to grown them, have just about everything else, but not orchids. I must put them on my list to try. Lovely.

TranquilityKnots said...

There is nothing to be afraid of. Growing orchids is much easier than what people think. I actually killed more of those common/easy plants than orchids. I guess I tried harder, researched and learned a lot. And I have some really great friends who are excellent gardeners. One thing to remember is always research your orchid by its botanic name. Phals from different part of the world has different requirements.
Good luck!