Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shopping Season Started?

The talented beadsintheround just bought 4 of my keychains for Xmas! I will post pic of all four of them here later. Is holiday shopping season already started? I am so excited. These days I am spending most of my free time in my basement 'studio', aka. the messy tables. Last weekend, I managed to finish 11 nursing covers. I was exhausted and forgot dinner. :( That happens to me sometimes. I tend to skip meals when I am busy. Not a good habit, I know. I need to work on that. It's just the clock is ticking, my first show is getting closer and closer, I have to make enough inventory. Really don't know how many I can sell that day, but I am confident that my stuffs are so unique and useful, I should do well. Having my fingers crossed now.

BTW, Park Trees and Shrubs are having a big sale this week, $20 off $40+ perennial purchase! It's where I got my lovely Chinese dogwood and peony. They packaged everything so nice, and the quality was great, and the shipping was really fast. I highly recommend this company. Anyway, I am looking forward to get some perennials from them again. If anyone's interested, the code is EASY20.

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