Thursday, September 18, 2008

My First Crafts Fair

I just got the news yesterday that I am accepted as a vendor at the annual holiday crafts fair at my hospital. This year they raised the registration fee to $175, and all these money will go to the "Center For Families" and help out the kids and families in need in our hospital. And they changed the application process, they are trying to have more varieties of crafts at the show. The previous years, about 90% vendors were selling beaded jewelry, it was getting boring to look at the similar stuffs table after table. So this year, they asked for samples or pictures of our works, so they can filter out the similar ones, or the more high end ones. Oh, all the items supposed to be affordable to the patient families. I applied for it immediately after receiving the form. I have never been to a show before, I mean as a vendor, so I'd like my first time to be at a familiar and friendly environment, and maybe some friends and co-workers can stop by and keep me company once a while. Oh, if I ever need to leave my table, say go to the bathroom, I can call my girl friend to sit there for me for a while. And she can deliver food and water to me any time I want. Oh, it will be fun! The only part I am not so crazy about is we have to check in at 6AM! The show starts at 7AM and ends at 6Pm. I guess it's because some of the nurses and doctors get off their shifts at that time. But still, I will have to pack my car the night before, and leave my home before 5:30AM! I never get up that early. But for this, I will try! :o)

So, I started making more items last night. I will have 2 months to come up with all the inventory. I bought lots of cute fabric from FabricPlace recently just for this show. They are all washed and ironed flat, and ready for action. I actually made two nursing covers and matching travel diapper bags last night. I could have made more, but I am still working on the big slipcover and some pillow covers for my living room, as soon as I am done with that, I will put all my spare time into my business. I had so many ideas, and came up with lots of great designs for the holidays too, I only wish I have more time. But a good thing is that fall is here, I don't need to spend as much time in the garden as summer. And if I really need more time to create, I probably can take some time off work. We'll see. And I am going to post on Etsy forum and offer free advertisement to other shop owners. We normally send each other some small promo items and business cards, or coupons, so we can put them in the goodie bags and hand them out to the crowd at the shows. I think it's a wonderful idea, and I sent lots of my promo earrings to other people over the summer. Now it's my turn. I can see the happiness on people's face when they get these free goodie bags. Oh, I am going to be so busy from now on. :)

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