Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What A Weekend!

I am so tired now! And I didn't even finish half of my to-do list. :( If I didn't spent some time with my girl friends on Sat and Sun, I probably can finish more, but I would be too exhausted to come back to work today. So, I guess there is always tomorrow.

I drove back to my office Sat morning to pick up the file cabinet my friend gave me. She is a principle investigator (PI) here, and they lab is moving to the new building. So, they are getting rid of some old furniture. Instead of throwing the perfectly fine file cabinet to the dumpster, she called me. I love to repuporse and recycle stuffs, and this file cabinet is perfect for my new craft area in the basement. But it was much more heavier than I thought, I ended up calling our security guard to help me load it into my car. Oh, the whole thing is made of MDF and steel, and I could not take the drawers off. Then when I got home, I cannot move it a bit. Remember DH is on a business trip, and he doesn't like me to bring 'trash' home. So, I had to call my nice neighbor to help me move it to the basement. Once I painted it and set it up in the basement, DH will never notice it. Then my best friend YG came over. We went out for lunch at my favorite DimSum restaurant, and when shopping at Pier 1. They had less clearance stuffs than last week, but we still managed to dig out some really cute stuffs. She got a jewelry roll and matching little mirror from the Butterfly Travel Collection, and I got the business card holder. They were just too cute to resist. They are made of pink silk and beautiful embroidery butterfly. You can see the little mirror in the first pic, and the jewelry roll and bcard holder in the second pic.

I visited my high school best friend on Sun. She was one week overdue! We talked a lot, but she had to go get an emergency ultrasound since the baby was not moving. After I got home, I made some travel tags for YG, and a set of beautiful coasters for myself. I will post the pictures here once I fix my camera. Oh, did I mention I messed up my nice camera? I was playing with the settings, and somehow reset the whole thing, so now every time I try to take a pic, a selection menu will pop up. And I could not find the menu anywhere. So, no new pictures for a while.

I finally decided to paint the master bedroom on Mon. DH refuse to sleep in the guest bedroom, even though that bed is much better than ours. So, I have to paint our bedroom while he's not home. But it's not easy. I moved the bed and dresser to the center of the room, and man they were heavy. The color looks much darker than I thought, since it's a north facing room, with a big oak tree right outside. It might be too girly for DH, so I probably will get some other color paint and paint some simple mural or something on the focus wall behind our bed. I have to finish it asap. :( I will be exhausted, but I will be able to cross it off my to-do list forever. Oh, I also made some chinese knotting jewelry. This time, everything is either manly or gender friendly. I didn't finish all the orders, since I want to get the samples approved by AD first. He ordered 4 sets of necklace and bracelet, I don't want to make them all and then find out he doesn't like them. I will post the pictures once I fixed the camera.

So, how is my to-do list?
1. paint the master bedroom. -- V (but need a little bit more work)
2. paint the old photo frames and make some new art pieces for the living room and dining room. -- X
3. wash the deck and porch, and the vinyl siding. -- X
4. complete the orders of 4 sets of necklace and bracelet. -- Halfway through
5. set up the new lightbox and take high quality pictures of my new items for the shop. -- Done with the lightbox, but messed up the camera.
6. make more baby gifts and aprons. -- X
7. start making the slipcover for the sectional sofa. -- X
8. paint the 5 white curtain panels for the basement. -- X They shrunk after washing! Now I have to adjust the length, then I can paint them. :(
9. move some perennials to the new corner bed. -- X too tired.

What I did instead?
10. Washed both cars
11. washed, ironed and organized all the new fabric squares I bought from Fabric Place recently.
12. made a fabric door stopper, just need to fill it with more rock or bean.


sillie smile said...

your husband sounds a bit like mine... i have to do things around the house (paint my living room) when he goes on business trips as well!!

TranquilityKnots said...

That is so funny! I would love to do a project with him one day. We did tiled our kitchen backsplash together 3 years ago. That was a really great time.