Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Made Another Sale

Yeah! This one actually was one of my favorite. I made two, one for myself and one for sale. But my best friend loved it so much, she took mine. I will make more of it for the coming show. And the customer forgot to contact me before purchasing, as I recommended. I am running a "End of Summer Sale", 10% off everything, and free shipping for $40 and more. So, I refunded her the 10%. I am an honest person, and always try my best to keep my promise.

Oh, yesterday, I got so many responses from my fellow Etsy sellers after I offered the free promo opportunity on Etsy forum. I probably will start receiving lots of packages soon. And some of them even tried to return the favor by offering same deal to me. Yeah, this is why I love Etsy. It's not just a marketplace, it's a community. I learned a lot from other people, and received lots of help as well. It's a wonderful place for beginners like myself.

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